With the fastest writing speed here (compared to our reviews of Freecom's FS-50 and Samsung's Writemaster SH-S183A) of 20-speed, Lite-On’s LH-20A1PU delivers the quickest burn-times in our tests and offers easy one-touch disc copying.

The tough plastic case houses a standard 5.25in internal drive mechanism; the Lite-On LH-20A1PU's fanless design means it’s silent when not accessing a disc. Two buttons on the top of the case activate EZ-Dub functions, which provide automatic disc-to-disc or disc-to-file copies.

Enhanced features give the Lite-On LH-20A1PU the best chance to burn the widest range of media, and at the highest possible speeds. Certain 16-speed DVDs will automatically burn at 20-speed, and with the OverSpeed function you can choose to burn any disc one level faster than its official rating. This isn’t fool-proof, of course, but built-in disc testing capabilities will help determine which discs can use this feature safely.