LG BH10LS38.AUAU10B full review

LG is a well-known name in optical-drive circles, and was one of the only companies to sit on the fence by producing a Blu-ray/HD-DVD combo drive before the disc format war drew to a close. Its internal Blu-ray-only BH10LS38 is significantly better-looking than some cheap, run-of-the-mill DVD drives, with an attractive glossy front panel.

It’s a reliable drive, and not as noisy as the Lite-On during operation, but there’s little more here to grab our attention.

With write performance maxing out at 10-speed, this drive is technically slower than its more expensive Lite-On rival. However, since we remain limited to using six-speed media, this drive put in the faster performance in our tests.

Unlike its external brother, the BE12LU38, the LG was limited to the speed rating of the blank media in our tests, and recorded 21GB of data to a four-speed disc in 29 mins 32 secs. This wasn’t the slowest result on test, but toward the back of the pack. In our six-speed test, the LG managed 20 mins 7 secs, a middling performance. Both discs played fine on our standalone Blu-ray player.

Verdict: The best thing about the LG is its price, which has potential to open up the recordable Blu-ray format to many more consumers. Its performance isn’t the best on test, but it’s good-looking and fairly quiet.


LG BH10LS38.AUAU10B: Specs

  • Drive type: internal
  • Connector: SATA
  • BD-ROM (read): 10x
  • 25GB BD-R SL (write): 10x
  • BD-RE (write): 2x
  • 50GB BD-R DL (write): 10x
  • Lightscribe: yes
  • DVD-R (read): 16x
  • DVD-R (write): 16x
  • DVD-R DL (write): 8x
  • DVD-RAM (write): 12x
  • CD-R (write): 48x
  • CD-RW (write): 24x
  • CD-R (read): 40x
  • Burn time (4x media): 29 mins 32 secs
  • Burn time (6x media): 20 mins 07 secs
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • OS compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Dimensions: 146x170x41mm
  • Weight: 749g
  • Powered by: internal PSU