Designed to impress, the Libratone Live is a mix of satin chrome and luxury cashmere wool in a choice of subtle colours. Dock free, music is streamed via AirPlay from iTunes and iOS devices.

Libratone claims its FullRoom technology means you don’t have to find a ‘sweet spot’ to enjoy perfect playback – sound reflects off the walls, creating a much larger area with increased spaciousness. An accompanying iOS app promises to fine-tune the sound based on user provided information.

The sound is rich in detail and goes some way to justify the £600 price tag. However, the single 3.5mm input shows lack of foresight and limits the speaker to mainly music. That said, what the Live does it does exceptionally well, creating an aurally enticing 360-degree sound. For a single-speaker solution bass rumbles impressively, while the volume can be cranked up without distortion.


Listening to familiar music on the Libratone Live is like hearing it with fresh ears.