Edifier M1380 full review

Available from Amazon, Currys, Play and more, the M1380 from Edifier is a budget, entry-level 2.1 speaker system consisting of two satellitespeakers, subwoofer and remote control. At under £50, the system shows all the hallmarks of being aimed at traditional PC users - big, boxy and not very pretty. The design, such as it is, is at best functional, a disappointment then as Edifier have of late flirted with much more attractive, or at the very least, distinctive designs. Build is better, and with the exception of the rather plasticy wired remote, much more solid and substantial then we might have hoped. See all Audio reviews.

Set-up was fairly simple, a case of connecting wires between the satellite speakers to the output port on the back panel of the subwoofer and then oddly connecting your audio source to the wired remote control via the 3.5mm connector cable, including on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. That remote, while wired, is perfectly usable and features a volume control, useful mute switch and headphone socket. The whole system can fairly happily sit on a desktop and Edifier notes the M1380 is magnetically shielded, and can be placed near an old style TV or monitor without problems. See also Group test: what's the best speaker set?

Edifier M1380

Sound wise the M1380 is fair to good, especially at lower volumes, with clear and fairly detailed playback of vocals in particularly. The system fairs less well with dance music or anything that is bass heavy, when things start to sound a touch muddy and unfocused. Edifier includes a 'Bass trimmer,' bizarrely placed out of reach on the back of the subwoofer, which didn't improve things much.

Edifier M1380 review


Edifier M1380: Specs

  • Total power output: RMS 8W x 2 + 12W x 1
  • THD + N (testing level): 10%
  • Signal to noise ratio: ?85dBA
  • Distortion: ?0.5%
  • Input sensitivity: Satellites: 450mV ± 50mV | Subwoofer: 70mV ± 20mV
  • Input impedance: 10K?
  • Audio Input Type: 3.5mm Stereo line-in, Auxiliary input, Headphone jack
  • Adjustment: Power, Base, Volume, Mute
  • Frequency Response: Satellites: 140Hz - 20kHz | Subwoofer: 20Hz - 130Hz
  • Subwoofer / bass unit: 5 inch (131mm), Magnetically shielded, 4?
  • Tweeter unit: 2¾ inch (70mm), Magnetically shielded, 4?
  • Remote control: Wired: Volume control, headphone jack, mute
  • Control panel: Bass trimmer, Power switch
  • Dimension: Satellites: 120mm × 151mm × 125mm | Subwoofer: 164mm × 220mm × 280mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: ?4.20Kg (net) / ?5.20Kg (gross)