Google Quick Scroll is a Google Chrome extension that will be welcomed by any Chrome user who does a lot of Web searching, which means pretty much any Chrome user.

Normally, when you do a search on Google, after you click a search result to go to a Web page, you're on your own. You'll have to scrounge around for the search term you typed into the Google search bar.

Google Chrome extension Google Quick Scroll solves the problem with a very nifty feature. When you click a search result in Chrome, and go to a Web page, Google Quick Scroll pops up a small window at the bottom-right of the screen, showing you the text on the page where your search term appears. Click that window, and you'll jump straight to the spot on the page where the term appears. If it appears multiple times, you'll see multiple listings in the window. To make the Quick Scroll window go away, click the minus sign on it.

Note that Quick Scroll won't appear every time you click on a search result. If the entire page is about your search topic, for example, it won't show up, and it may not show up if the search term is right at the top of the page.

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Google Quick Scroll: Specs

  • Google Chrome, internet connection
  • Google Chrome, internet connection


Will Google Quick Scroll change the way you use Chrome or the Web? Certainly not. But it will speed up your searching, and that's a good thing no matter what browser you use.