CyberGhost full review

Designed to help you browse the web anonymously and protect you from snoopers, a VPN can also help you access region-locked and blocked content online. CyberGhost is a solid VPN option that appears in our best VPN chart.

Headquartered in Romania, and therefore outside the "14-eyes" group of countries that share signals intelligence (you can find out more about the 14-eyes and why it's best if your VPN is situated outside the group here), CyberGhost VPN is very simple to use. Select the activity you want in the main interface and the client automatically selects options based on that activity, then connects.

Home Wi-Fi protection, for example, features malicious website protection, as well as ad and tracking cookie blocking. Other options include data compression and attempting to connect using HTTPS where HTTP has been specified.

Anonymous surfing mode duties are catered for by over 1,150 servers picked at random from more than 49 different countries. You can also manually specify a country, and select an individual server in the country of your choice.

The list is extensive, with the "Fastest Servers" tab first testing response times for you before compiling the list.

For the Unblock Streaming option, you'll obviously need an account with the service you want to watch, but after that you should be able to binge on the shows denied you by accident of territory. There are 20 services included, but you can also add your own.

Unfortunately, Netflix US is not on the default list of unblockable streaming services. We raised a support ticket about this, which was answered within 45 minutes. It explained that Netflix puts great effort into its anti-VPN measures by blocking known IP addresses.

However, CyberGhost is working to add more servers as current ones become blocked - in our testing we tried three different US servers and were able to successfully stream US Netlix from one of the three - albeit at slightly sluggish speeds.

A kill switch is provided in the form of "App Protection". You can set up different profiles consisting of lists of applications. If the VPN tunnel ever collapses, these processes will be instantly killed.

For those living in countries where the authorities block websites such as Google, Twitter and Wikipedia, users can select the Unblock Basic Websites mode to access them.

CyberGhost states in its privacy policy that it collects only data necessary to operate the service, which includes anonymous connection information, but nothing that can be used to identify an individual.

On Android, CyberGhost is a breeze to install, and gives you 7 days of the Premium service. However, missing from the Android version are the activities covering anonymous torrenting and basic website unblocking (Wikipedia, Google, Twitter, etc.).

CyberGhost is also available for Mac (though it's currently a full software version behind Windows, and missing features like App Protection) and iPhone, as well as a number of home routers and even Raspberry Pi.

You can choose to pay for CyberGhost on a month-by-month basis for £8.65/$11.99, for 1 year at £4.32/$5.99 per month, or for two years at £2.52/$3.50 per month. Sign up here.


CyberGhost: Specs

  • 1-month account
  • based in Bucharest, Romania
  • no logs
  • VPN protocols: L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP
  • 5 concurrent devices
  • 80GB data allowance per month
  • client software for Windows and OS X
  • platform support: OS X, Windows
  • manual configuration option
  • P2P policy blocked on some servers (free service)