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We've rarely praised a mobile phone's call quality - until now. The navy-blue T-Mobile Wing sounds terrific - and as this handset is in essence a rebadged version of the much-vaunted HTC Touch, this may be good news for those who crave touchscreen mobile phone style without wanting to follow the iPhone herd.

The T-Mobile Wing costs $300 in the US with a two-year contract, and is available online in the UK, SIM-free for around £329. This is slightly more expansive than the HTC Touch, which can be bought SIM-free in the UK for £309.

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Using the T-Mobile Wing we heard virtually none of the tell-tale hissing or background noise that usually betrays a mobile phone. And the people we spoke with noted that we sounded very clear - even while on a noisy runway at an airport. Call quality isn't the Wing's only strength: it also offers impressive battery life and a strong array of features.

The T-Mobile Wing - T-Mobile's first mobile phone to ship preloaded with Windows Mobile 6.0 (T-Mobile is also making Windows Mobile 6.0 available as an upgrade for the Dash) - has many features, including a still-image and video camera, messaging and the familiar Windows-like menu system with applications to go.

The T-Mobile Wing includes Office Mobile with Word, Excel and PowerPoint (you can view, create, and edit documents); Windows Live for Windows Mobile (with Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Hotmail, Live Search, and Live Spaces); Windows Media Player; and a My Documents folder structure for storing files and multimedia. Other applications include Instant Messaging (for use with AOL, ICQ, and Yahoo), Java applications, a T-Mobile HotSpot log-in shortcut and a voice recorder.

The T-Mobile Wing comes with a 2.8in touchscreen display (T-Mobile bundles a stylus with the phone, but your fingers to do the walking). Six highly responsive buttons and a five-way navigational control beneath the front-screen display make single-handed navigation a breeze. Slide the display left and the screen automatically reorients itself in landscape view to accompany your typing on the roomy keyboard. The T-Mobile Wing's keyboard's keys are wide and flat, with backlighting that makes using the device in a darkened environment a breeze.

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