Jabra JX10 full review

Jabra's BT500 Bluetooth headset has been in our possession for a couple of months but it never really grabbed us. We're less than keen on a relatively large piece of electrical kit adorning our lugholes.

The JX10, though, is an entirely different matter. It's about twice the size of one of those school-issue metal pencil sharpeners, and its angular appearance is not dissimilar. In truth, it's not quite as comfortable to wear as the BT500, but in terms of appeal, it's in another league. The Bang & Olufsen designer being drafted in to help didn't exactly hurt, then.

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We found audio quality not half bad, even on a blustery January morning. Starting and ending calls is a matter of tapping the device and there's a recessed button to turn it off. The JX10's standard setup routes outgoing calls through your headset.

If you find the volume levels an issue, there are increase and decrease buttons on the bottom, and you can dictate whether incoming calls you can't take are diverted to voicemail or get a busy signal.

The clip for your ear can be detached and swapped so the JX10 is worn on the left ear rather than the right. Whether it will stand up to rattling along country lanes in a Cabriolet remains to be seen, but the Jabra's dinky dimensions finally have us coming round to the idea of chatting away on the road.


Jabra JX10: Specs

  • One-touch Bluetooth pairing button
  • USB charging cradle and carrying pouch
  • talk time 6 hours
  • standby 200 hours
  • volume control
  • voice dial
  • call hold/call wait
  • last number redial
  • answer/end call
  • reject call
  • 20x20x39mm
  • 10g

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