Slimboat 1.1.29 full review

There are two versions of Slimboat, but the main one is a Chrome-based browser and that’s what we are looking at here. You’ll find a link at the website to a Trident (Internet Explorer) version if you prefer, though. A quick check of the engine powering Slimboat revealed that it is Chrome 25, which is just one release behind the current release. This is good and it means that the browser is fast and has excellent support of HTML5. See all Web Browser reviews.

In many ways Slimboat, which is available for Windows, Linux and Mac, is like Chrome with a more traditional interface. You'll find a menu bar at the top, a toolbar with address and search boxes, a bookmarks bar and then browser tabs.

Eight different skins are provided. The Language menu is an unusual feature and it could be useful if you frequently visit foreign language websites. There are options to translate the page or selected text, a choice of Bing or Google translation services, an Auto Translate Selection option and more. The browser itself supports many languages and you can switch at will.

Sets of tabs can be saved as groups and this enables you to open them with a single click. It's an alternative to bookmarking individual sites. Multiple identities can easily be created and used when filling online forms. You can select an identity and Slimboat fills in the form with whatever username, password, address and so on that is associated with it.

The browser has several features built in that require extensions and add-ons with most popular browsers. For example, there's a Share This Page menu with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other social networks and email services. Plus, an advert blocker can clean up web pages by removing unwanted ads.

Aliases can be created as shortcuts for URLs. For example, you could associate y with YouTube so that typing y into the address box goes to the website. The status bar can be used to display the current weather forecast and clicking it brings up a seven-day forecast.


Slimboat 1.1.29: Specs

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 - Mac - Linux
  • Tabbed browsing: Yes
  • Password manager: Yes
  • Form filler: Yes
  • Download manager: Yes
  • Parental controls (yes/no): No
  • Synch to other devices / PCs: No
  • Special features: Ad blocker, video downloader
  • Browser engine(s): Chrome 25
  • Anti-phishing: No
  • Private mode: Yes