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Want to watch Sky Sports on your iPhone or iPad? With this ace app, you can. You have to have a Sky Sports subscription, of course, but if you do you can watch a selection of Sky channels wherever you go in the UK.

The app is free to download for iPhones and iPads and will work with a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Common sense tells you that using this app through a 3G connection isn't as good as it is through a Wi-Fi connection, but what's clever about this app is that to will automatically adjust the quality of your picture depending on your connection speed; which in turn means that instead of the live stream jumping and buffering it will just alter the picture quality accordingly. In short, the video quality is as good as you allow it to be.

Before we get carried away and start thinking this is the best thing ever (which it nearly is), this app doesn't feature every channel that you have on your Sky box at home has - you'll need a Slingbox for that. But what it does bring is live streams of all the Sky Sports channels and 11 Sky Movies channels (depending on your Sky subscription).

A new feature that has been introduced to the latest version of the app, is the on demand feature. Not only do you get access to live Sports and Movies from your iOS device for no extra cost, but now you can access 100s of on demand movies too.

The design of the app is crisp and very Sky-like, so if you're a bit of a technical dummy, there's no need to worry. The interface is very idiot proof and clearly labelled so there isn't a chance that you won't be able to work it. It's even a pretty painless task creating your Sky iD for the first time (which you need yo login); if you know your name, where you live and what debit/credit card you pay your bill with, then you'll be ready to go in no-time.

The only downside to Sky Go is that each Sky account can only have two registered apps/iOS devices. So if you are part of a family of four or live with more than one housemate, there is going to be an argument about who gets access to the Sky Go apps. Apart from that it bloody rocks… in my opinion.

Sky Go Review Sky Go Review

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