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Sky+ app recording programmes on mobile

Sky’s updated Sky+ app (iOS and Android) puts you in full control of your Sky+HD box from the sofa in front of it to the other side of the world.

Most useful is the ability to set your Sky+ box to remote-record your favourite TV programmes away from home and on the move. Forgotten to set the final episode of Games of Thrones to record? Getting round Sky’s bug of recording that second back-to-back episode via series link? The free Sky+ app sorts all that out for you from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

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You get a full seven-day listings for all your Sky TV channels, just as you do with Sky’s own electronic programme guide (EPG) on the telly.

Sky+ EPG app programme guide

You can search by title, actor, channel, sport and other factors, learning actor and background info on shows, related news and live Twitter feeds.

Also useful is the app’s ability to let you see when else a show is airing to help you avoid clashes. When several programmes you want to record clash, the app will suggest a solution.

The Sky+ app also lets you create your own TV Guide, by saving your favourite channels.

Sky remote lost again? You can use your smartphone as a remote control to Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind and change the channel.

You can manage all of recordings in your Planner, viewing them by genre, add a series link or delete a programme you no longer want – without interrupting viewing on the TV. For this Planner function your mobile device needs to be on the same network as the Sky+ box.

To use the app as a remote control or to manage your Planner you need to have your smartphone or tablet connected on the same broadband network.

Sky+ app OnDemand catch up TV

The app is also set up to Sky’s On Demand service. Using it you can download programmes to your Sky+HD box. This should save any pauses in downloading programs. Sadly BBC iPlayer listing are currently not available while Sky negotiates with the BBC, but all the other major players are here – Sky TV, Sky Sports, 4oD, iTVPlayer, etc – as well as TV box sets such the Sopranos, Alan Partridge and Dora The Explorer.

Sky+ download ondemand

To use the app to its full potential you should connect the Sky+ box to your home network. For the best download speeds create a home network using inexpensive and simple-to-install Powerline adapters that plug into power sockets to connect your Internet router to your TV via Ethernet and your own power cables. Powerline offers download speeds many times faster than when using a patchy Wi-Fi signal. See our Best Powerline Adapters group test and find out What is Powerline.

You don’t need an HD subscription to use the app but you do need a Sky+HD box. You are required to log in to your Sky account. If you’ve forgotten your Sky login details it’s easy to reset them.

Some other TV apps such as AirPlay, ZappoTV HD and 8player may conflict with the iPhone Sky+ app.

Sky+ app series link record

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Sky+ app: Specs

  • Sky+ app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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