SGP Kuel H10 full review

While SGP’s Kuel H10 (£11) at first appears to be quite diminutive – in its default position, the pen measures just under 3 inches in length – a telescoping mechanism allows the stylus to extend an extra inch, which makes all the difference when it comes to a comfortable drawing position.

Like many of its brethren, this stylus features a silicon-rubber nib, but one that's smaller in diameter than the others – at 6mm, it's closer in size to the foam nib on Ten One’s Pogo Stylus. As such, the Kuel H10 excels at line and detail work.

The K10's nib is barely half the size of larger rubber-nib styluses, like Kensingon's Virtuoso Touch.

When closed, the H10 is the perfect navigation tool for the iPhone or iPad – it’s small, thin, and you can easily see what you’re tapping.

When telescoped, the stylus rests comfortably in the crook between your thumb and index finger, and achieves an almost perfect balance for writing and sketching at an angle without feeling the need to rest your hand on the screen.

In fact, the H10 would have been my favourite all-around stylus of the lot, except for one thing: The H10's rubber nib – perhaps due to its smaller size – is made of a much thinner silicon than larger nibs.

After approximately five continuous hours of sketching with one of our two review units, the tip developed tiny (pinhole-sized) holes. (The second sample didn't exhibit this issue.) Since then, the holes haven’t shown any signs of growing larger, and they don't affect performance in any way, but they do make me worry about the stylus’s long-term reliability. At the same time, if the pen does require replacing, for just over a tenner, it’s not unlike buying a nice charcoal stick.