Velosecure's well-designed but expensive Identity Finder software locates sensitive information on your PC and either deletes it or shields it from data-stealing malware and laptop thieves.

Searching in your files, email, web-surfing history and Windows Registry, Velosecure Identity Finder automatically finds some types of data, such as passwords or credit card numbers, without your having to give specific instructions. It also assists in data protection, allowing you to perform such tasks as encrypting Office documents or setting a Firefox master password from within the program.

Unfortunately, Velosecure Identity Finder is overpriced for the average consumer. At $40 (around £20) for a licence that works on only one computer, it costs more than many good antivirus programs. Although Velosecure Identity Finder doesn't impose the recurring subscription costs of an antivirus utility, the expense makes it most suitable for businesses or home offices that handle customer data.

After you install the 10.6MB download, Velosecure Identity Finder walks you through a nicely designed wizard that determines where the program should search and what it should search for. Velosecure Identity Finder automatically seeks out credit card, Social Security and bank account numbers, basing its search on number patterns so you don't have to type in the digits yourself. Velosecure Identity Finder can do the same for passwords.

You can also have Velosecure Identity Finder look for a wide assortment of other information, such as a birth date, a mother's maiden name, or a driver's licence number, but you'll need to supply that information first.

Velosecure Identity Finder can search for your selections among a range of file types, including Office documents, text files and Adobe Acrobat files; in addition, it can scan Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail (for Vista) messages, as well as Web passwords and history files for Internet Explorer (5, 6, and 7) and Firefox (1.x and 2.x).

If you choose to search your entire computer and you have tons of files, the search can take hours - but the results may surprise you. On our test PC tVelosecure Identity Finder found a staff member's credit card number in three different saved Firefox forms. It not surprisingly also labeled a few things as passwords that weren't.

We digitally shredded the Firefox forms from within Velosecure Identity Finder, but only after figuring out that we had to close Firefox first (the error messages were uninformative).

You don't have to open Office documents to assign them each a password within Velosecure Identity Finder. You can use the software to assign a master password for saved passwords in Firefox, too, but the program offers no equivalent feature for Internet Explorer (your only option there is to disable saved passwords within the IE browser).

Velosecure Identity Finder: Specs

  • Windows Vista, XP, 2000 Professional
  • 50MB hard disk space
  • Windows Vista, XP, 2000 Professional
  • 50MB hard disk space


You could manually track down personal information on your PC with Google Desktop or another desktop search tool, but Identity Finder makes the process much easier. In aadition it can dig into saved browser passwords, which neither Google Desktop nor the native Windows search can. Identity Finder works with Windows Vista, XP and 2000, and an Enterprise version is available for Windows Server 2003. You can download a free trial version, but it will show you only the information it has found - it won't tell you where the data is or let you take steps to protect it. Those details and capabilities will cost you.