The Internet BabySitter full review

We've all heard horror stories of paedophiles lurking in internet chatrooms. If you're worried about the sites your children visit, you could easily set parental controls to ward off predators. The Internet BabySitter offers a different approach.

While the kids think you've got your back turned, this software places a constant focus on their internet activities. Yes, it spies on your children for you. And it's not just web addresses that reopen at the click of a button; the program records all incoming and outgoing emails.

To keep your snooping unseen, the program conveniently wipes out all traces of itself. The first your children will know is when they are presented with the evidence.

We did notice a few glitches when working with Firefox and with web-based email accounts, but the program works well with native Microsoft offerings.

The debate surrounding a child's right to freedom when exploring the net, and how far parents should be willing to go to protect them, is a complex one. But doing nothing while your offspring are online is really no longer an option. One look at The Internet BabySitter's website will leave you in no doubt of this.


The Internet BabySitter: Specs

  • 500MHz processor
  • Windows 98/Me/ 2000/XP
  • 64MB RAM
  • 32MB graphics card
  • 2MB hard disk space