Roccat Khan Pro full review

Though Roccat isn't a particularly well-known brand in the UK, the German company produces a range of gaming peripherals, from keyboards to mice and, of course, headsets. The latest headset from the company is the Roccat Khan Pro, a sub-£100 gaming headset that offers Hi-Res Audio compatibility alongside a great design and compatibility with multiple gaming systems.

It's certainly a contender for the title of best gaming headset - find out why in our Roccat Khan Pro review. 

Roccat Khan Pro: Pricing and availability

Before we delve into why we think the Roccat Khan Pro is so impressive, let's discuss the pricing and availability of the headset. The Roccat Khan Pro will set consumers back £89.99 in the UK, and can pick it up not only from the Roccat website but Amazon too (and it's cheaper at £72.97!).

Those in the US can grab the Roccat Khan Pro for $99.99 from Roccat, but like in the UK, it's a little cheaper on Amazon at $79.99.

That's an attractive price tag in a world where gaming headsets can cost upwards of £200/$200, especially with the range of features on offer. But does Roccat's headset offer enough to tempt users away from more established brands like Logitech and Turtle Beach? Let's find out. 

Roccat Khan Pro review

While many gaming headsets offer great audio quality, the Roccat Khan Pro is one of very few gaming headsets available in 2019 that boasts Hi-Res Audio compatibility – and with a great design and attractive price point, it’s hard to fault.

Let’s start with the design; the Roccat Khan Pro was designed to be lightweight, and at only 230g, it’s one of the lightest in our roundup. That doesn’t mean it skimped on comfort though, as it features leatherette memory foam earpads and headband strip that is soft-to-the-touch and alleviates any pressure on your ears and on the top of your head, even in marathon gaming sessions, while also providing passive noise cancellation.

The earcups themselves are also aligned with the natural position of your ear to avoid discomfort.

It features stainless steel sliders that help you get the perfect fit, and the earcups offer 95-degrees of rotation to ensure a perfect fit for most head sizes.

You’ll find volume controls on the earcups themselves instead of opting for in-line controls. The microphone can be folded away when not in use, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to mute it; the mic automatically mutes when folded up and unmutes when folded down.

Featuring Hi-Res Audio compatibility, the Khan Pro is impressive in terms of audio. It delivers rich, bright audio that’s ideal for both gaming and listening to music. You’ll be able to pick up the slightest noises when playing your favourite games, from the cocking of a recently reloaded weapon to picking up on approaching enemy footsteps.

It’s more bass-heavy than other headphones in our roundup too, which is great for immersion when gaming and for fans of bass-heavy music.

In terms of compatibility, the Khan Pro features a 3.5mm jack. It’s split into dual mic and audio outputs for use with PC, but it comes with an adaptor that merges them into a single 3.5mm output. This makes it compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and any other headphone jack-touting device (including your smartphone!).


The design of the Roccat Khan Pro alone is enough reason to buy it; it's incredibly lightweight and the angled earcups really do make a difference during long gameplay sessions. The flip-to-mute microphone is a handy feature too, helping to avoid those awkward moments when you forget your mic is on.

But of course, it's the audio quality that makes the Roccat Khan Pro stand out; offering Hi-Res Audio support, the audio is bright, rich and crisp with booming bass. The headset is perfect for gaming and listening to music, which is handy because the 3.5mm headphone jack adaptor means it's compatible with a range of consoles and smartphones alongside PC. 

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