Photoshop Elements 10 in Simple Steps full review

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My first impressions of Photoshop Elements 10 in Simple Steps were that it is a very good book. It is articularly useful for the novice Photoshop Elements 10 user and, being in that camp, I couldn't put it down.

Photoshop Elements 10 in Simple Steps is attractive, well laid out, with good sized print, plenty of diagrams and large coloured photo shots to help you find your way around Photoshop. Most pages have 'Tips', 'Alerts' and other information boxes at their foot to provide additional information, which on occasion, were quite helpful.

The 'Contents at a Glance' pages at the start of the book give you a hint of what is to come with the most common subjects shown for each chapter. This is followed by a more traditional index, which is very easy to follow with all chapters being colour coded. The last page of this index contains a list of the 'Top 10 Photoshop Elements Problems Solved' and their relevant pages, which are all at the end of the book. Having just started Photoshop Elements 10 in Simple Steps you might wonder, 'If these are common problems why aren't they covered in the relevant chapter?'  Maybe they are – let's see! See also: Adobe Photoshop CS6 review.

The first two chapters of Photoshop Elements 10 in Simple Steps easily enabled me to import photographs seamlessly from a variety of sources into Photoshop Organizer. It then educated my on the various aspects of dealing with those files in preparation for editing. All the information is presented in simple language without overuse of jargon.

The remaining chapters of Photoshop Elements 10 in Simple Steps deal with the manipulation of photographs in Photoshop Editor. When I first opened these pages they looked a bit daunting, but with the aid of the book I was soon able to find my way around it with the clear instructions and started some basic editing of my photographs. Following on from this was an introduction to colour with an easy-to-understand explanation of the theory behind it, which was relevant and beneficial to the remainder of that chapter dealing with adjusting colour, contrast and lighting etc. See also: Book Review: Photoshop Elements 10 In Easy Steps.

The deeper you get into the book the more detailed it gets but it always remains clear and understandable. Photoshop Elements 10 in Simple Steps continues to lead you through all of the various applications of Photoshop using the various tools for selective work, cropping etc. What was particularly nice was the approach to Layers, which made it a lot easier to understand and made the ability to edit even more extensive.

The next three chapters of Photoshop Elements 10 in Simple Steps deal with the more artistic side of Photoshop, leading you through shapes, drawing and text, and really showing what can be achieved with Photoshop and a little imagination! See also: Book Review: How to Cheat in Photoshop Elements 10

The final chapter provides the answers to the Photoshop Elements Problems identified at the start of the book and, yes, the answers were contained in the relevant chapters but they are common problems and it is good that they were further identified and reinforced.

If you haven't used Photoshop Elements 10 this book will have you up and running immediately. Photoshop Elements 10 in Simple Steps will definitely whet your appetite for more adventurous work. For those who are already fairly proficient it may well expand your knowledge and understanding of the program enabling you to get more out of it and maybe finding better ways of using your software. Visit Photo Advisor

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Photoshop Elements 10 in Simple Steps: Specs

  • Author: Ballew, Joli
  • Bluttman, Ken ISBN: 0273771299 ISBN 13: 9780273771296 Published by: Prentice-Hall Date Published: Jan 2012 User level: Beginner/Intermediate Number of pages: 222 RRP: £11.99