There’s over 60,000 apps available for the Apple iPad, as well as many more of the 300,000+ iPhone apps that also work on the market-leading tablet PC.

The App Store’s recommendations and top 10 charts are a good indicator of what’s hot but there’s no way you’re going to be exposed to anything but a tiny percentage of the best.

Word of mouth and expert reviews – check out PC Advisor’s Best iPad App reviews – are another avenue of promotion and appreciation, but a hand-picked collection of the best of the best is going to come in handy if the iPad rarely leaves your grip.

Only about 20 percent of iPad apps are free so it’s expensive to trial a bunch of apps to see which best suits your needs and expectations.

Best iPad Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders (O'Reilly) by Peter Meyers is just such a book, gathering over 200 of the very best iPad apps across a range of categories, including: work, photography, movies, comics, web browsing, note taking, idea generation, health, games and travel.

Meyers has stress-tested thousands of apps for this catalogue, which is glossy as the iPad itself.

Each app is reviewed, alongside tips for hard-to-discover features. There’s little in the way of detailed instructions but as the author says in his preface “great apps are those that, upon launch, are obvious to use”.

Our only gripe is an old one: while these apps are available on the iTunes App Store across numerous countries, the prices given are in US dollars only. Of course this gives an adequate approximation of what the prices will be in other territories but slightly annoying all the same.

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Best iPad Apps by Peter Meyers is a neat collection of 200 of the best iPad apps out there right now. Of course there’s hundreds added every day so it will miss many new apps but as a starter this is a great collection of the very best.