Passing a driving test can turn out to be an expensive experience, with lessons, a practical exam and a theory test to pay for. And with a multiple choice exam and a hazard perception test, there's an awful lot to learn. This is where All in One: Driving Test software comes in. According to Avanquest, the software offers all the information learner drivers need alongside mock theory, hazard perception and even practical tests to prepare you for your test.

All in One: Driving Test not only contains all questions used by the DVLA during the 2008/2009 driving test papers but also 400 clips from the hazard perception test. These are incorporated into a number of mock tests, with the chance to interact virtually with the examiner, giving an insight into what to expect on the day.

After installating All in One: Driving Test, you are presented with a menu of seven options, in the order Avanquest recommends. First up is the Highway Code, which can be viewed as a PDF or listened to via the interactive option. This is closely followed by a comprehensive overview of road signals and signs and a number of ‘fun' tests that include a quick fire identification game of 35 signs - a slider puzzle game - which saw us rearranging patterned squares to make a road sign.

All in One: Driving Test

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