Real World Golf full review

As a digital rendition of the game that spoils nice long walks for everyone else, Real World Golf does a merely proficient job – it's not a full-on simulation and isn't as fully featured as the Tiger Woods series. But it has something extra up its sleeve.

The innovative if slightly odd-looking Gametrak control system, which incorporates a miniature club, a pair of wired-up gloves and a foot pad that acts as an enter button, maps your movements in 3D space, giving you precise control over your swing. This interplay elevates the title above the crowd.

At first we were sceptical. There have been a lot of well-meaning but failed attempts to unite player with game without keyboard or joypad. And the system certainly won't appeal to everyone's sense of physical dignity – rather than Tom Cruise in Minority Report (as we hoped), onlookers said we looked like a complete idiot. Nevertheless, it was obvious that this is one of those simple ideas that works beautifully.

The game comes with easy tutorials, and the menu system is designed so it can be navigated with hand movements left, right, forwards and back. The menu is limited but a lot of the control options you'd expect, such as speed, hook, slice and backspin, can be recreated using the sensitive controller – very impressive.

RWG isn't graphically exciting. But it'll run perfectly well on any PC, and the level of interaction means you don't notice the old-school looks.


Real World Golf: Specs

  • 500MHz Pentium 3 or higher
  • Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP
  • 128MB RAM
  • 3D video accelerator card with 32MB of memory
  • USB port
  • 800MB hard disk space

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