3M MPro 150 Pocket Projector full review

Despite its modest dimensions, the 3M MPro 150 Pocket Projector is capable of beaming your presentations at up to 50in on a bare wall.

The 3M MPro 150 Pocket Projector first caught our eye at this year’s CES where it was demonstrated beaming presentations at up to 50in on to a bare wall. Given the MPro 150’s modest dimensions - the projector is roughly twice as thick as the remote control we use for our telly - we thought it a pretty neat trick.

A few months later the 3M MPro 150 Pocket Projector is being stocked in the UK, bringing portable presentation convenience to the nation’s business buffs.

The 3M MPro 150 Pocket Projector is an oblong black box that weighs 157g and can display Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and Adobe PDFs. Photos and videos can also be shown on it, although its limited light intensity and resolution support mean you’re unlikely to use it for extended gameplay or watching feature-length movies. Bitmap, Jpeg and Mpeg4 video can be viewed on it; it also supports MP3 audio.

The 3M MPro 150 Pocket Projector can project multimedia content from a connected laptop or PC, an MP3 player, mobile phone or camera. Given the expectation of audio, photo and video-capture features on so many items of gadgetry these days, the simple miniUSB connection allowing it to be hooked up to most such devices is welcome. There’s an HDMI port to allow output to an HD video display too.

Better yet, the 3M MPro 150 Pocket Projector can accept microSD media cards and has its own internal 1GB of flash memory. The media card slides into a concealed slot towards the rear of the right of the projector. This means you can take the presentation with you safely stored on the projector with no need to pack a clunky additional piece of kit.

Apple users keen to make use of the 3M MPro 150 Pocket Projector’s presentation skills can purchase a separate adaptor cable. A car charger and a component video cable can also be bought separately. A small tripod with flexible metal legs is supplied as part of the standard kit. This screws in to the bottom of the MPro 150 and can be sheathed in its cardboard tube for easy transportation.

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