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Pro Player exists to solve a simple problem: looking through your clips without having to open up the behemoth Final Cut Pro X (or equivalent) nor the anaemic QuickTime Player X. See all Multimedia software reviews.

This app by Digital Heaven is designed for editors and even preserves the usual shortcuts they’re familiar with when previewing footage, namely the JKL keys to control playback (J goes backwards, K stops playback and L goes forwards). The interface is dominated by a large timecode with the video above it, and lower left is all the metadata about the opened clip like codec, frame rate, bit rate, dimensions, file size, etc. See also Group test: what's the best media-player software?

It’s an easy app to control; you can set in and out points (again, using the industry standard I and O keys) to focus on just a specific part of your chosen clip, jump back 5 seconds (or more - depending on the value you set in the preferences), or loop playback. Full screen mode removes all data from the screen so you can focus and enjoy the video, and you can even see a file's transparency and alpha channels. Take a look at iStop Motion for Mac review too.

But the app’s name says it all: it’s a player. There’s no way of marking a video or embedding notes in its metadata: if you want to use clip 4 over clip 7, say, the only way you can remember that is by writing it down yourself. Annoyingly, and unlike QuickTime Player X, you can only have one clip open at a time, which makes comparing multiple takes difficult at best. When presenting to a client, though, it’s an ideal app which lets you focus on just the information you need.

If you work with MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 files, be aware that Pro Player won’t be able to play them. Aside from that, and as far as we can tell, any file that QuickTime can play, Pro Player can handle.


Pro Player: Specs

  • Size: 0.9 MB
  • Requirements: OS X 10.6.6. or later

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