If you're both a Dead Space fan and a PlayStation 3 owner you will most likely get Dead Space: Extraction for free. A former Wii-exclusive, Visceral Games' excellent on-rails shooter is being offered as a reward to those who buy Dead Space 2: Collector's Edition on PlayStation 3, giving it a clear and compelling advantage over the Xbox 360 version. And if you don't fancy spending the extra cash on all that packaging, Extraction will also be available as a reasonably priced download through the PlayStation Network. At this point, resistance is all but futile.

Indeed, with its new high-definition makeover and PlayStation Move support this could easily be argued as the definitive version, and it serves as an excellent companion piece to Dead Space 2. Where Dead Space 2 ratchets down the fear factor compared to the first game, Extraction amps it up immeasurably by shifting the focus to the first person. What the game loses in the wonder of exploration, it makes up for with white-knuckle combat in which you have to quickly dispose of enemies and pick up essential weaponry in a limited amount of time before the perspective shifts.

The HD veneer makes the combat a bit easier on the eyes - the Wii version is one of the best looking games on Nintendo's console - and the extra clarity is particularly helpful when finding hidden items. The PlayStation Move motion controller is also integrated well: aiming, shooting, switching to alt-fire, and telekinesis is a snap. If you've got a sub controller, switching between weapons and utilizing stasis is easy, too. And if you don't own Sony's magic wand, Extraction more than holds its own if you're just using a Dual Shock.

If you're playing Extraction with only a Move controller you may futz around with the four face buttons a bit, particularly since a game like this is best played in the dark, but that complaint could also be levelled at the Wii version. The character models haven't made the transition to HD as convincingly as the environments, with many of them sporting some seriously detail-derived hair and facial features. Extraction is an improvement over the Wii version, but don't expect the visual feast of guts and gore delivered by Dead Space and Dead Space 2.

A single playthrough of Extraction takes about eight hours, and there are just about enough branching paths to make a second try tempting. But even if it were half the length with no incentives to carry on after completion, at this price Extraction would still be worth your time and money.

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Dead Space: Extraction review (PS3): Specs

  • Dead Space Extraction is available as a download for PlayStation 3.
  • Dead Space Extraction is available as a download for PlayStation 3.


A good port of a great game.