DG QuickCut is a Google Android utility that makes shortcuts for launching apps and performing other functions on Android phones.

If the technicians who work on Google Android phones all day long recommend it, you know DG QuickCut is a decent app for technical users. The tool lets you create shortcuts - in essence, icons that can launch an app, or perform various features - to the desktop or notification tray, or create new keyboard shortcuts that launch an app.
DG QuickCut calls the shortcuts in the notification tray dropcuts, because they appear only in the drop-down menu that you get when you expand the notification area. You can generate a dropcut out of virtually any action within any application, as well as many more actions that aren't easily found within the Android user interface. We were able to find the Battery History option, one of our favorite features, only by adding it to my list of dropcuts (click Create Dropcut, then Activity, then scroll down to Battery History and click that).

Power users and novices alike will appreciate the ability to generate new keyboard shortcuts (or override the default ones) to launch applications. We were grateful to be able to substitute something for the default Search button combo that launches the browser, because we're always hitting those keys, and launching the browser, unintentionally.

DG QuickCut also lets you customise the user interface to your liking. If you switch between two applications frequently - say, Wikipedia and Gmail - wouldn't it be nice to jump to compose a new message in Gmail directly from Wikipedia? The possibilities are as endless as the apps you use and the features you frequently jump to within those apps.

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DG QuickCut: Specs

  • Google Android mobile phone handset
  • Google Android mobile phone handset


More technical users will really appreciate DG QuickCut, a great way to customise your computing experience.