The Proporta Impact Protective Crystal Case is a range of colourful cases to protect your favourite smartphone.

The HTC Sensation has proved one of the most popular Android handsets of the year. Dubbed a ‘multimedia superphone’ by its maker due to its vast 4.3in screen and HD playback thanks to a powerful 12GHz dual-core processor, the Sensation amply demonstrates the possibilities of video entertainment on the move. The phone is clad in a pretty resilient aluminium case, but you still won’t to want to risk getting it scratched.

The Proporta Impact Protective Crystal Case offers a good compromise between protection and spoiling the relatively slim, 11.3mm-thick lines of the Sensation. The two versions we looked at were different shades of purple. One is a heather colour; the other a proper deep purple shade. A wide range of colours is available in this design. The two purples, at least, are neither too masculine nor too girly. We also like the Airtex mesh finish of these hard plastic cases.

As with some of the other smartphone cases we’ve recently looked at, the case covers approximately half of the phone, with recesses where there’s a input, speaker or camera. Proporta uses precision laser-cutting techniques for these hard shell cases, so the fit is snug, while the material used is rigid. It’s also feather-light – why add unduly to the Sensation’s 148g weight or bulk?

We prefer this rigid case to the more flexible Perfora cases.


There isn’t much competition for HTC Sensation-compatible cases, but if you’re after a colourful shell to protect your expensive smartphone from scratches and bumps, the Proporta Impact Crystal range is a good choice.

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