Philips 9FF2CWO full review

The Philips 9FF2CWO is a decent, if expensive, example of a digital photo frame.

Digital cameras have been around for about 10 years, and in that time we’ve met only a handful of people who regularly print off their photos. So it seems inevitable that the evolution of our favourite media would upscale itself directly into the 21st century with digital frames, where pictures can be uploaded to the frame by USB directly from the image source or via a memory card.

Here we have a fine exponent of this new gadget trend: the Philips 9FF2CWO.

The Philips 9FF2CWO sits perfectly on a mantelpiece, with a generous 9in screen, a white border (which can be changed to suit) and a clear perspex surround. The Philips 9FF2CWO also has a chrome stand that gives off a satisfying click when switched from portrait to landscape mode.

The Philips 9FF2CWO has the largest screen size of the three, while remaining the most slender. Navigation is difficult, though, because the Philips 9FF2CWO sits very upright – which makes the frame slightly unstable – and because the buttons are located on the back.

The Philips 9FF2CWO's navigation system is in the form of a large directional button and two separate menu buttons. As the power button is located quite close to this cluster, we were forever turning it off by accident.


Philips 9FF2CWO: Specs

  • 9in 800x480 screen
  • brightness 300cd/m2
  • built-in memory 110-150 photos
  • card reader compatible with CF/SD/MMC/MS/xD and USB
  • auto orientation
  • 260x108x199mm
  • 1.05kg

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