Philips 190X6FB full review

The first thing that strikes you about the 190X6FB is its design. Aimed at users who are looking for more than just a monitor - it offers a number of multimedia options - this flat-panel wouldn't look out of place in a living room. You certainly wouldn't want to hide it away in the back bedroom.

And the Philips' image quality is absolutely magnificent. Colours are rich and deep, and detail is sharp and clear. Admittedly, a response time of 8ms is by no means exceptional for a 19in flat-panel, but it is very respectable indeed. The brightness rating of 300cd/m2 (candelas per square metre) and the 700:1 contrast ratio are also very favourable specifications.

Nowadays you'd expect to find both analogue and digital connectors on a flat-panel, and the Philips doesn't disappoint. One thing that is slightly out of the ordinary, though, is the USB port – such things aren't unknown, but they are by no means a given. It's very convenient for connecting up peripherals; if your PC's USB ports are difficult to access, it's much easier to use the one on the monitor for hooking up your digital camera or MP3 player, for example.

Though the viewing angle can't compete with the 178/178 degrees offered by the Sharp LL-193G, it's good, and at least on a par with most other 19in LCD screens.

The price point of £279 is certainly competitive without being untowardly aggressive – you'll find 19in flat-panels for less than this, but not much less. In fact, there's plenty of models out there that'll set you back a lot more without giving the quality of the 190X6FB.


Philips 190X6FB: Specs

  • 19in flat-panel
  • native resolution 1,280x1,024
  • 0.294mm dot pitch
  • 700:1 contrast ratio
  • 160/160 degree viewing angle
  • brightness 300cd/m2
  • digital connector
  • speakers
  • 8ms response time
  • 444x181x436mm
  • 7.2kg
  • 3-year onsite warranty

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