Palicomp’s Kinetic Blitz Core i7-950-based PC looks impressive with its very good system case, but it's let down by lacklustre performance.

Palicomp’s Kinetic Blitz Core i7-950-based PC looks impressive. The Cooler Master CM690II Advanced system case is a premium mid-size tower with stylish looks and plenty of room inside. It provides easy access to internal components, including tray-mounted hard drives that slide out sideways, and a retention bracket that holds the graphics card firmly in place. Cable management maximises air flow, while up to 10 fans can be installed.

At the top are a pair of USB ports, audio jacks and an eSATA connector. Hidden behind a removable plastic door is an additional SATA connector, letting you plug in a hard drive or SSD without opening the Palicomp Kinetic Blitz 950-6970 PC's case.

Palicomp provides a 24in BenQ full-HD (1920x1080 pixels) monitor, which delivers high-contrast images with excellent colour reproduction but no HDMI port, a Blu-ray drive and five speakers and a subwoofer with its Kinetic Blitz 950-6970 PC.

This is where the plus points end, however. The Palicomp Kinetic Blitz 950-6970's 154-point WorldBench 6 score would have been acceptable last month; by this issue’s standards, it’s slow. This will, of course, be plenty of speed for most users.

The Palicomp Kinetic Blitz 950-6970 also comes with ‘only’ 6GB of RAM, and its gaming scores are slower than the other PCs here, despite using the same graphics card as the chart leaders.

Power PCs chart ranking

  1. CyberPower Infinity Achilles GT
  2. Chillblast Fusion Torpedo
  3. Arbico Elite i7969 HSD
  4. Palicomp Kinetic Blitz 950-6970
  5. DinoPC Maxosaur 870

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