It's a sign of how quickly prices are falling that many PCs at this price point now feature Quad core processors - rarities just a few months ago. As such, the Evesham Solar, armed as it is with a mere Duo E6600, finds itself seriously short on ammunition.

Not the Evesham Solar is particularly far away from the other PCs - the combination of the E6600 with 2GB of DDR RAM produced a quite workable WorldBench 6 real-world speed score of 105 points. We'd suggest that there are better options elsewhere, but this is a perfectly decent system with a number of impressive inclusions to recommend it.

The Evesham Solar's 19in Cibox display is satisfactory, with a steady screen and a reasonably accurate colour palette, even if it's not a showstopper. The 320MB version of the GeForce 8800 GTS graphics card is a handy component that offers good value, but it doesn't compare to the Chillblast Fusion Centaur's 640MB version. The sound, though, is very good - arguably the best in the chart.


While the sound is very impressive, the other features fail to impress - and with a mere Duo E6600, the Evesham Solar is seriously short on ammunition.

Chart ranking: power PCs September 07 issue

1st place: Mesh Elite Quad Express-PCA
2nd place: Chillblast Fusion Centaur
3rd place: Arbico CD-8870GS
4th place: Evesham Solar
5th place: CyberPower Infinity 860 (last month 4th place)

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