The Chillblast Fusion Firestorm is the least expensive PC in this category, yet it delivers excellent gaming performance, has a 7.1 speaker system and comes with a two-year collect-and-return warranty for peace of mind.

Like Arbico's HD8570 X2, the Chillblast Fusion Firestorm uses a 1GB ATI HD 3870 X2 dual-GPU graphics card, which delivers some very impressive framerates without the additional space and power requirements of a dual-card setup. It easily matches the performance of systems fitted with a pair of 8800 GTs.

Chillblast expects to sell the bulk of these systems overclocked from 3.16GHz up to a blistering 3.6Hz. We tested the Chillblast Fusion Firestorm at stock speeds, but a great deal of performance is available at no extra cost.

The Chillblast Fusion Firestorm's Samsung display is a slightly older model than that supplied by Arbico, but it’s attractive and provides good performance, including a 3,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

The black Akasa ZEN system case has a smooth, minimal design with tool-free drive bays and integrated front USB ports behind a small door. Inside, all four RAM slots are filled, providing a total memory capacity of 4GB. The Chillblast Fusion Firestorm also has a single 500GB hard drive.

Unfortunately, the Chillblast Fusion Firestorm’s hardware configuration, combined with the 32bit edition of Vista, leaves an entire gigabyte of system memory unavailable.

Chart ranking: Power desktop PCs (June 08 issue)

  1. Mesh Elite Storm HD
  2. Arbico HD8570 X2
  3. CyberPower Gamer Infinity Crossfire GT
  4. Chillblast Fusion Firestorm
  5. PC Specialist E840GT SLI


The Chillblast Fusion Firestorm is excellent value for money and will appeal to gamers.

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