Arbico’s i5287 Pro PC is a strong performer, but it’s unable to compete with some fierce rivals. Based on an Intel Core i5-2500 CPU and H67-chipset motherboard, it’s at an immediate disadvantage to the faster Core i7-2600-based Dino PC and overclockable PCs using the i5-2500K processor.

Unlike Eclipse, Arbico is wise to use the standard Core i5-2500: its supporting chipset is incompatible with the overclocking features of Intel’s ‘K’ chips. The Arbico i5287 Pro beat the Eclipse and Palicomp in WorldBench 6.

The Arbico i5287 Pro's score of 162 points is very good for a Core i5-2500 with 4GB of RAM, but for the same price you can have Chillblast’s Fusion Electron with double the memory, a superior motherboard and better performance.

An ATI Radeon HD 6870 graphics card allows the Arbico i5287 Pro to deliver decent gaming performance at an affordable price. Yet for the same money Eclipse has managed to build a system with an identical motherboard, memory allocation and hard-drive capacity, but a faster nVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti graphics card and a set of external speakers.

A 23.6in AOC monitor is supplied with the Arbico i5287 Pro, which includes a handy USB port.

£750 PCs chart ranking

  1. 1. Chillblast Fusion Electron
    2. Dino PC Elmisaur 2600
    3. Eclipse Anarchy i525n560
    4. Palicomp Phoenix i5 Lightning
    5. Arbico i5287 Pro

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