The Arbico Arbico Elite i7-2656 HD PC's somewhat bizarre looks come courtesy of the NZXT Gamma system case. The front panel zig-zags in and out for no apparent reason, but the design does give a slight upward tilt to the USB, audio and eSATA ports mounted at the front.

Inside is a super-fast Intel Core i7-2600K processor, yet performance is some way down on the trailblazing Chillblast - the Arbico Elite i7-2656 HD scored nine points fewer in WorldBench 6.

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At this level of performance, however, you’ll want to keep things cool inside - particularly if you plan to overclock the CPU (note that you should still upgrade the standard Intel CPU cooler). The Arbico Elite i7-2656 HD PC can support up to six fans, three of which are preinstalled. There’s also a mesh front panel for improved airflow, plus perpendicular drive bays for easy access and cable routing to help keep things tidy.

Arbico has selected the ‘Pro’ version of Asus’ P8P67 motherboard. This is one of the better models available, with dual-graphics card support and built-in Bluetooth. The Elite i7-2656 HD's 8GB of DDR3 RAM leaves no memory slots spare, however.

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Excellent graphics performance comes from the Arbico Elite i7-2656 HD's GTX 560 Ti. In some games, this card can beat even the Radeon HD 6950.

You also get a good-quality 23.6in monitor, a Blu-ray drive and a pair of external speakers, but no surround sound is offered by the Arbico Elite i7-2656 HD.

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