Arbico's Elite 9387 HD power desktop PC provides our first glimpse of Intel's brand-new 2.8GHz Core i7 930 processor, a still cost-effective yet superior overclocker than the 920 it replaces.

The Arbico Elite 9387 HD provides our first glimpse of Intel's brand-new Core i7 930 processor. Running at 2.8GHz, it's a small step up from the Core i7 920 found in the Chillblast Fusion Pinnacle. The Arbico's performance results are correspondingly higher: 142 WorldBench 6 points in comparison to the Chillblast's 138. The i7 930 provides excellent value for money, too, since it's available for around the same price as the i7 920 it replaces, and is rumoured to be a superior overclocker.

Being an i7 9xx-series CPU, it requires a socket 1366 motherboard and triple-channel memory. The Arbico Elite 9387 HD uses the Asus P6T SE, which offers three spare memory slots for easy expansion. A trio of x16 PCI Express slots are also present, allowing multiple ATI graphics cards to be installed in a CrossFireX configuration.

Like the Chillblast, the Arbico Elite 9387 HD comes with three hard drives, with two paired in a high-speed Raid 0 array. The total storage capacity here is a smaller 1.5TB, however.

Every system here runs ATI's Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, so the Arbico Elite 9387 HD's score of 45fps in our gaming tests is in line with the competition.

The design of the Arbico Elite 9387 HD's angular NZXT Gamma case is claimed to increase airflow through the front and improve cooling.

As with the other machines here, a 24in full-HD monitor is supplied. The Arbico Elite 9387 HD's AOC display has elegant hidden controls and a handy front USB port, but also a rather thick and old-fashioned silver-grey bezel.

A Blu-ray/DVD combo drive is also supplied, but no speakers are provided to improve the Arbico Elite 9387 HD's film-viewing experience.

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  3. Arbico Elite 9387 HD
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