At £1,350, the Arbico 888 Extreme is the most expensive machine in the Top 5 - and the extra £51 may have cost the Arbico 888 Extreme a place.

Better specifications wouldn't have hurt either - although several of the components that made it on board the Arbico 888 Extreme are outstanding. The E6850, for instance, is the fastest processor anywhere in these charts. With an extra 2GB of DDR RAM, the Arbico 888 Extreme might have caught up with the Zoostorm 5-6514 Edge PC.

The Arbico 888 Extreme's graphics card, a GeForce 8800 Ultra, is another stunner - the fastest available today. It's only marginally quicker than the Zoostorm 5-6514 Edge PC's GTX version, but it absolutely flies through the games tests. Even without 4GB of RAM or quad-core capabilities, the Arbico 888 Extreme is likely to be an impressively fast performer a couple of years from now.

The Arbico 888 Extreme's 22in Daewoo flat-panel is pleasant, if not quite up to the standards of excellence set by the graphics card. The Arbico 888 Extreme's pair of 250GB hard drives give you plenty of storage space - although they are dwarfed by the chart-topping Cube247 Nova ST3's monstrous storage capacity.

The Arbico 888 Extreme's sound system is stellar, with the XtremeAudio working beautifully with the CyberAcoustic speakers. The Arbico 888 Extreme's DVD writer is also a good component, if not quite a 20-speed market-leader of the calibre of the Zoostorm 5-6514 Edge PC's AOpen drive. As for connectivity, we'd have liked to see more than six USB 2.0 ports - the Cube247 Nova ST3 and Zoostorm 5-6514 Edge PC boast 12 and 10 respectively.


The Arbico 888 Extreme was probably 2GB away from making a big splash. It isn't as fast as the Zoostorm 5-6514 Edge PC or as perfectly priced as the Cube247 Nova ST3, but the Arbico 888 Extreme is still an impressive machine.

Chart ranking: power PCs October 07 issue

  1. Cube247 Nova ST3
  2. Zoostorm 5-6514 Edge PC
  3. Arbico 888 Extreme
  4. Mesh Elite Q6600 R600 PCA
  5. CyberPower Gamer Infinity SLI GTX