For plenty of PC buyers, screen size is everything. Such customers will be drawn to the Mesh Elite, whose 22in Mirai model is about as large as displays get at this price point.

  1. Chillblast Fusion Raider 6600
  2. Mesh Elite GTS Media
  3. Evesham Solar Storm
  4. CyberPower Infinity 860
  5. Zoostorm 4-6405 Advanced PC

Second place

However, since you’re going to be staring at the flat-panel for long periods of time, we think it’s important for the image to be as sharp as possible. The Mirai is solid on this front – it gets our nod above the third-placed Evesham’s GNR TS902W, for example – but it can’t compare to the Chillblast’s HannsG HW191DP.

The Mesh surpasses the Chillblast in two areas: its fantastic sound facilities (the best in the chart) and the hard drive, a vast 500GB model that will take some filling.

In other respects the Elite struggles to stand out. It plays host to the E6600 processor and 2GB of DDR RAM found in the majority of its competitors, while the graphics card is the relatively undramatic 320MB GeForce 8800 GTS. Mesh manages to coax some decent framerates from this card, but if it’s high gaming speed you’re looking for, pick one of the PCs with a 640MB card: the Chillblast or the Zoostorm.

The Mesh Elite GTS Media lacks some of the charm of the Chillblast, but it offers excellent sound facilities and one of the better 22in screens available at this price point. This is comfortably our second choice.