There’s nothing wrong with the Eclipse Ultimate i66GT-VSTA. It’s just that, compared to the new crop (particularly the hot young thoroughbred from the Eclipse stables), there’s nothing particularly outstanding about it either.

  1. JAL Andromeda
  2. Eclipse Matrix i67N88-VSTA
  3. Zoostorm 2-5406 Advanced PC
  4. Arbico CD6880 XL
  5. Eclipse Ultimate i66GT-VSTA

Fifth place

Two months can be an awfully long time in the world of the £750 PC. The hero of our June 2007 refresh, the Eclipse Ultimate finds itself tumbling to the foot of the table this time round. We remarked last time on how few compromises the Eclipse makes. Well, that still stands. The problem is, the Ultimate’s competitors are making fewer compromises still. And even the Ultimate’s heavy artillery has, this time round, lost its power.

Just one of two PCs in the June issue to offer a Core 2 Duo E6600 with 2GB of DDR RAM, the Eclipse finds its feat being repeated by two machines this time, and is actually beaten by the offerings of the other two machines. There’s nothing poor about the WorldBench score of 95 – only the brand new Eclipse PC could do better – but neither does it stand out. Much the same could be said about the 320GB hard drive and DVD writer, and the graphics card is now the only one in the Top Five not to offer DirectX 10 support – even if the notion of playing such potentially highly detailed games on the likes of the 8500 GT or the 8600 GTS might be a little laughable.