We're trying to find fault with the CyberPower Infinity Crossfire GT but, as an overall experience, it really is as a good as PC gets.

  1. CyberPower Infinity Crossfire GT
  2. Arbico CD8800 XL
  3. Mesh Elite E6700 GTS PCA
  4. Mesh Elite Q6600 PCA
  5. Evesham Axis R6 XT

First place

Without a price tag to place limitations upon system builders, the £1,001+ PCs category has always tended to offer more choice than any other category. So much so that, this issue, four of the PCs in the top five have at least one feature that could mark them out as the number one choice for specific groupings of users (whether that's the searing games pace of the Arbico, the large screen capabilities of the Mesh Elite E6700, or the quad-core chip of the Q6600 PCA). Strangely though, the chart-topping CyberPower's winning feature isn't quite so obvious. What it does offer, though, is fantastic components and features in every area.

Let's start with the processor. Intel's Core 2 range are pretty much cleaning up across our charts, and the Duo E6700 offers the most pace in today's applications. In fact, the CyberPower used this processor to devastating effect in our WorldBench 6 test suite, notching up a sensational 112 points. This might have been given considerable help by the 2GB of DDR RAM - an absolute essential at this price point, but it's still quite a showing for CyberPower.

We were also delighted with the Samsung flat-panel. It's not the largest screen in the chart - although few users should need more than 20 inches of viewing area - but the image is extremely sharp and vibrant. Whether you prefer this over the larger but less crisp and colourful Mirai is really down to personal choice. As far as we were concerned, though, only the Evesham's ViewSonic could battle with this for the title of best screen in the chart.

The HD 2900 XT is ATI's new challenger for nVIDIA's DirectX10 graphics cards. While it's not designed to match the firepower of the 8800 GTX (although it's not actually too far away in realworld scores), the CyberPower does show a clean pair of heels to the systems kitted out with 8800 GTS cards. The Arbico is slightly better for games, but the CyberPower really isn't too far away - count the better screen, and it could prove the best option.

But the CyberPower really is a PC with no weaknesses. The sound system is gorgeous, pairing the Creative SB X-Fi XtremeAudio card with the rumbling Inspire 6100 speakers. The DVD writer and 500GB hard drive are excellent, and if the warranty isn't onsite, at least it does last for three years.