It's nice to see a decent software package being offered with the Arbico CD8800 XL.

  1. CyberPower Infinity Crossfire GT
  2. Arbico CD8800 XL
  3. Mesh Elite E6700 GTS PCA
  4. Mesh Elite Q6600 PCA
  5. Evesham Axis R6 XT

Second place

The Arbico may have slipped to second but, in truth, it was an extremely close call. Given the extra quality of the Samsung flat-panel, we rate the CyberPower as a fantastic overall deal with no weak areas whatsoever. However, the Arbico isn't too far behind. Indeed, in some areas it surpasses the CyberPower.

The CD8800XL's stand-out feature is clearly its graphics card, and the GeForce 8800 GTX is actually the most powerful card in the PC charts. We're impressed with the new ATI HD 2900 XT, but this card was never designed to compete head on with the GTX and, as such, the Arbico wins the prize for fastest game speeds.

It's a bit surprising, therefore, that the Arbico doesn't quite match the overall Windows Vista performance of the CyberPower and, despite teaming up an Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 with 2GB of DDR RAM, the Arbico can only manage 109 WorldBench points. This is still a very good performance, but it doesn't quite get on level terms with the sublime CyberPower.

The V7 flat-panel is quite pleasant. It's not the most vibrant or sharpest screen we've seen yet, and certainly doesn't compare the CyberPower's high-calibre Samsung TFT, but its 20 inches of viewing area and smooth resolution support are still quite commendable. The sound is very impressive, with Creative's gorgeous X-Fi XtremeAudio and Cyber Acoustics CA5150 speakers combining to good effect - even if the CyberPower is, again, slightly better - while the DVD writer is also close to being at the top of its game.