A Tale In The Desert  is a unique MMORPG because has no combat system at all--not even against NPCs. Set in ancient Egypt, the prime focus of the game is crafting and building. Those who are used to crafting that consists of "click a recipe, watch a progress bar, get an item" will find A Tale In The Desert farm more involving. See also: The 26 best role playing games ever.

Each iteration of A Tale in the Desert has players working towards complex goals, then restarting when they are finally accomplished. It's currently on the sixth "Telling." One very early quest involved building a flax comb, which required thorns, bricks and wood. Bricks required straw (which required grass to be dried) and clay and a brick rack; a brick rack required boards; to cut boards into wood I needed to make a plane, which required a slate dagger, which required slate, and so on.

A Tale In The Desert focuses on group projects and cooperative play, but when I was testing, I found it virtually abandoned, with plenty of empty player-constructed buildings but rarely more than a single other person on. The very few people I did meet were helpful and friendly, however. The 24-hour trial (that's 24 hours of play, not a day from first logon) should help you decide if you'd like to vacation in the desert... and maybe bring some friends. Visit: GamePro UK.

A Tale in the Desert: Specs

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP


A Tale in the Desert MMORPG takes you to ancient Egypt in style. It's a crafting MMORPG, however, so don't expect fireworks.