Zhorn Stickies 7.1e review

Zhorn Stickies 7.1e review

There are many different programs designed to give you the equivalent of sticky notes, but on your desktop. Microsoft provides one with Windows, but it's a fairly basic app. Stickies is something different, as it takes the concept a lot further than a place to write notes and stick them to your screen. See all software reviews.

Not that Stickies can't do that. Once the application is installed, a click on the sticky note icon in the Windows taskbar calls up a blank note, which can be typed on directly and expands in length as you type and in width when you drag the edges. They can be sat freely on the desktop or attached to a specific application or document, so they only appear when that item is on-screen.

Text can be formatted by adapting font, size (with mouse-wheel support), case, style and highlight and you can justify paragraphs and add bullets and numbers. Each sticky note can be given a title in its title bar and its background colour can be changed, too. If you have groups of notes, they auto-align when you bring them close on screen.

Stickies don't have to be text. They can hold images, simply by dragging a picture to an empty note. Whatever the format of the original, they're handled internally as .png files. Images and text can be combined within the same note, but only by using the text tool from the graphics editing menu. This is useful for captions, but not much else.

The other graphics tools, which include selector, simple shapes, crop, pen and colour dropper, give the opportunity for simple editing, at roughly the Windows Paint level.

Stickies can be assigned alarms, making them pop-up at pre-defined times, play sounds and jiggle to draw attention. Alarms can be single use or recurring and you can send an alarm note to sleep without deleting it. Notes of all types can be saved, removed from the screen and called back later and the whole program is very clean, making no entries in the Windows Registry.

All this is good stuff and makes Stickies a very versatile tool, punching well above its weight. There's another twist, though, which makes it an essential for home and small business networks – notes can be passed around between PCs.

Turn on the program's networking and you can set up Friends, other named computers, which are then available as destinations for the Send To command on each note. To establish friends, you'll need the IP addresses of the respective machines, so it's best to give them fixed addresses. If DNS assigns new ones, you could be sending notes to the wrong recipient. It would be better if the system worked with computer names alone.

Stickies comes with well-written and thorough help. The three different right-click menus can be a bit confusing to start with: one on each note, one on each note's title bar and one on the Stickies icon in the task bar, but options are logically arranged, so most of the time they're intuitive.

Zhorn Stickies 7.1e: Specs

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8


We've not seen a better sticky note app than Stickies, which although written by a single author, one Tom Revell, is a fairly professional and mature piece of software which can be very useful. Oh, and did we mention it's freeware? Donations are encouraged, but if money's tight you can download and use the software for nothing.