Nokia Navigator full review

We wanted to love the Nokia Navigator. After all, there have yet to be any properly compact phones that are specifically designed for satellite navigation use. Unfortunately, we weren't as impressed as we might have been. First, the Navigator took ages to pinpoint our location - wherever we were. We thought being a device that runs without recourse to a separate receiver was at fault – yet other units, including HP's clunky iPaq and Mio's A701, have no trouble with this.

You can choose between shortest, quickest and pedestrian modes and search by contacts, addresses, nearby locations and history. You can save locations under My Landmarks, designating them as either Home- or Office-related while, under Nearby, you can drill down by POI type: bank, eat and drink, community, entertainment and so on. Click to have the Navigator automatically hunt down any in your chosen category and highlight them as you pass on your road to somewhere else.

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Despite a few niggles, the Navigator is a pretty likeable device. You can continue to view your route even when you've flipped up the Nokia's slide-up screen to access the phone keypad, and the integration with your contacts is well managed. We're surprised to find it doesn't have a touchscreen since the handset is so large, but the batteries seem to run down fairly sharpish, so we can only assume Nokia thought it wise not to chance it.

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Nokia Navigator: Specs

  • Maps: Navteq, UK
  • traffic updates via GPS, speed camera alerts included
  • 2.2in, 240x240
  • Rerouting, full postcode search, car/pedestrian/cycling modes
  • 2.5 hours battery life, USB charger
  • 47x19x110mm, 176g
  • 2Mp camera, 3G phone, car cradle available separately

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