NEC LT20 full review

No amount of praise can do justice to the incredible portability of NEC's LT20. At just 1kg, it's a cinch to carry for long distances - even after walking with it for an hour, the LT20 still felt as light as a feather. All too often, underweight can mean underpowered as well, but NEC hasn't cut too many corners on the important specifications.

Given its weight advantage, then, it's extremely likely this projector will appeal to business users who want to take it with them on the road. If that's you, then you'll know you tend to have limited control over where you might be asked to display a presentation. This makes a high brightness rating useful to compensate for excess light. As such, the LT20's rating of 1,500 Ansi lumens isn't that great, although it should be enough under most conditions.

The 1,024x768 XGA resolution support makes the LT20 ideal for displaying detailed Windows images, and the digital light processing (DLP) technology uses a 2:100 contrast ratio to create dark, crisp images.

However, impressive though the NEC is in many respects, it isn't flawless. For those who like to keep background noise to a minimum, the noise rating of 37dB in economy mode (38dB normally) could prove obtrusive. In reality this is unlikely to be a great problem, but at a time when we're coming to expect 35dB or less, 38dB seems a little extreme. Perhaps a bigger drawback is the £1,640 price tag, which makes the LT20 one of the more expensive projectors to pass through the Test Centre in the past 12 months.


NEC LT20: Specs

  • DLP technology
  • brightness 1,500 Ansi lumens
  • 156W lamp (lasts 2,000 hours, replacement bulb £350)
  • 1kg
  • native res 1,024x768 (XGA)
  • 200x150x56mm
  • DVI connector
  • contrast ratio 2,100:1
  • noise rating 38/37dB (normal/economy mode)
  • 3-year warranty

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