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Satellite navigation is a simple concept. A receiver triangulates itself with three or four of the 24 GPS satellites in orbit around the world. A map database calculates the quickest route to your objective, then vocal and visual instructions guide you.

Unfortunately, while GPS applications have proliferated in recent years, few have been able to provide perfect, bug-free service. Enter Navicore Personal, which works well even if it brings nothing revolutionary to the table other than efficiency and dependability.

For a start it features the strongest GPS receiver we've seen. Often these need line of sight to the satellites, but this one works fine in your pocket and deals well with jungles, urban or otherwise.

Another good point is the way the system calculates - and recalculates - your route in a matter of seconds. This means you can be on the road without delay and if you do deviate it doesn't spend ages telling you to turn round before thinking of another way.

There are a number of nice features in Navicore Personal. You can access your routes by address or points of interest within certain distances, and the system warns you when you are nearing a road toll area. Maps are clear and detailed, and the view zooms in and out depending on your speed and how much of the area you need to view. What's more, at £199, the package is reasonably priced. You'll need a smartphone running the Symbian OS.


Navicore Personal: Specs

  • Mobile phone running Symbian OS 6.1 and Sereis 60
  • 1.5MB free memory
  • Bluetooth
  • MMC slot

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