Napster full review was once touted as the future of downloadable music. It began life as the most successful of all the illegal music download services. After being shut down, it re-emerged as a legitimate service in 2003. Initially, it became known as a subscription service, but this is only one of Napster’s offerings.

  • Choose from five million tracks online
  • Stream music as many times as you like

Napster offers a catalogue of more than five million tracks. A £10 monthly membership permits you to listen to tracks on your PC on and offline as many times as you like. The Napster To-Go membership (£15 per month) adds the option of transferring these tracks to a compatible portable player.

You can also buy tracks outright. DRM-free tracks cost 79p, or less for bundles or complete albums. Napster subscribers can buy individual tracks at a discounted rate – sometimes as little as 68p. Peer recommendations and artists you’re likely to enjoy are offered via shared libraries.

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Napster: Specs

  • Web browser
  • internet connection
  • compatible audio player

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