Samsung ML-2165W full review

The Samsung ML-2165W is a basic mono laser printer suited for low-volume use, boasting a minimal purchase price and size - but also minimal features

The elegantly simple Samsung ML-2165W monochrome laser printer gives you laser-sharp text for only £99. It's also quite compact, measuring a mere 33.1x21.5x17.80cm, so it's suitable for small work areas. Extra features are scant, and toner is pricey at about 4 cents per page; but for low-volume, basic printing, it's worth a look.

Setting up the Samsung ML-2165W is simplicity itself. Plug in the power cord, attach the small swiveling output tray to the top of the unit, and press the WPS button (for Wi-Fi Protected Setup). That's all there is to it - assuming you have a WPS-capable router. If you don't, you'll have to attach the printer to your computer via USB to set up the Wi-Fi - or use it as a USB-attached unit. See also: what's the best mono-laser printer?

Controls are minimal. The aforementioned WPS button also pulls duty as the Continue/Print button; and if you hold it down for 15 seconds, it summons a status report. Beyond that, you get only the printer and toner status lights, and the on/off button. The Samsung ML-2165W's printer driver, though equally basic, is also elegant and nicely organized. Samsung doesn't offer any layout options, but it does provide manual duplexing support on the PC side.

Unfortunately, manual duplexing isn't available on the Mac. Considering that the Samsung ML-2165W's diminutive footprint makes it appropriate for dorm rooms - a Mac bastion - that's an unfortunate oversight. The Brother HL-2270DW costs the same amount and includes automatic duplexing.

The Samsung ML-2165W's paper-handling features are spartan, too, though adequate for its intended light-duty role. The paper input on the bottom holds 150 sheets, and the output tray above it holds 100 sheets.

The Samsung ML-2165W ships with a starter toner cartridge that will last for approximately 700 pages. After that, you must pay about £45 for a standard 1500-page replacement cartridge, which comes to an expensive 3p per black and white page.


As we recently showed with inkjets, a cheap printer can be a good deal if you don't print much. The same reasoning applies to low-cost, low-volume lasers like the Samsung ML-2165W: Considering the low initial cost of the unit and the 700-page head start you get, the toner costs are bearable.

The Samsung ML-2165W's text output is excellent - sharp and black. Graphics on the other hand, while fine for the odd bar chart, company logo, or other simple element, are grainy even when you select 'Best' in the print dialog. Performance is slow, but more than adequate for a personal unit. Monochrome pages exit at 11.6 pages per minute on the PC and 12.8 ppm on the Mac. Graphics print at about 3.8 ppm. First pages arrive quickly - in about 10 seconds, which makes the unit very suitable for quick one-offs.

For low-volume personal printing, or as an adjunct to a colour inkjet, the Samsung ML-2165W fits the bill. If you're a PC user, it could be a decent deal. It's regrettable, however, that Samsung forces Mac users to jump through hoops to get two-sided printing.

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Samsung ML-2165W: Specs

  • Laser
  • Mono
  • 1200x1200dpi
  • Monthly Duty Cycle: 10,000 Pages
  • Mono Toner Life: 1,500 Pages
  • Maximum Paper Size: A4
  • Duplex Unit
  • 150 Sheet Input Tray
  • Output: 100 Sheets Face Down
  • Status Display 2 LED (Toner, Status)
  • CPU Speed 300MHz
  • Memory Size 32MB
  • USB 2.0
  • RF Network Standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Electrical Power Consumption Printing 310 W, Standby 30 W, Saving 1.2 W
  • 50 dbA
  • 33.1x21.5x17.80cm
  • 4kg

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