1000 full review

Dell stated its intention to put a sub-€100 mono laser printer on the market earlier this year. It may not have got there just yet, but the 1100 is under £100, which is impressive enough - there aren't too many other models on the market for this price. But buyer beware. Very often a printer that doesn't cost much to buy costs a bomb to run.

Every page you print out on the 1100 will cost you 2.3p. This means that it doesn't make much sense economically if you expect to be churning out pages and pages on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, the initial outlay is at bargain-basement level. This means a low spec, of course, but the quality of prints are a match for any other mono laser on the market. At 600dpi text and graphics are sharp and bold, and even at 300dpi the results are perfectly adequate. The 1100 isn't the quickest printer around, though - the output rate is 11ppm (pages per minute), three short of Dell's claim.

The firm contends that the 1100 is quiet, though it didn't seem that way when we tested it - it sounds more like a Hoover than a printer. It won't exactly light up your home office as it looks quite plain and functional - even the paper input tray is exposed so you can see how much is in it - but it will squeeze on to the smallest desk.


1000: Specs

  • 14ppm claimed print speed
  • 11ppm actual print speed
  • 600x600 resolution
  • USB 1.1 interface
  • 2MB installed memory
  • 2MB maximum memory
  • cost per page=2.3p
  • cost per replacement toner cartridge (2,000-page yield)= £46
  • 150-page A4 input tray
  • 100-page output tray
  • 358x299x217mm
  • 5.5kg
  • 1-year warranty