Sandberg Touch Screen Gloves full review

As the weather gets colder, the layers pile on. Including gloves to keep our hands warm – but here lies a problem if you’re used to carrying and using touchscreen tech out of doors.

Ever since the Apple iPhone appeared, smartphones and tablets are now using capacitive touchscreens for fingertip control. Problem is, these screens don’t work with normal gloves, as the fabric electrically insulates your fingers from the screen.

Step in, high-tech gloves with conductive materials.

The Sandberg Touch Screen Gloves have conductive fibres woven into the very fabric of the gloves fingertips.

And here’s something important - they’re made of a mix of wool and acrylic. There are other touchscreen gloves available but they’re often made entirely of acrylic. Result: these gloves are warm and cosy and work well to keep out the winter chill. 

They are quite long so wrap around the wrists nicely to keep you even warmer. The only downside we found was that since they come only in one size, they may not always quite fit like a glove. On a lady’s fingers they were a little bit too long.

But they do work very well when we tried with iPhone and Samsung Android, even with those fingers being a little bit too long. We didn't make any more typing or buttony mistakes than usual.

And to help you keep purchase of your smartphone purchase, inside of hand is covered with tiny rubber dots to increase your grip of phone.

We tried the pink gloves which – like other choices of white or black wool – have white rubber patterning inside. After even a little use, though, these white bumps can become a little discoloured and greyish.


Sandberg Touch Screen Gloves: Specs

  • Wool-blend gloves
  • four fingers and a thumb
  • conductive fibre fingertips
  • rubber grip patterning on palm
  • one size fits all
  • available in black, white and pink