The Plantronics Discovery 975 is a Bluetooth earpiece that has a simple design and is powered by technologies that improve user experience in terms of connectivity, comfortability and most importantly call quality. Let's take a close look at this small but powerful earpiece from Plantronics.

Plantronics has loaded this tiny earpiece with advanced sound technologies such as a dual-mic, AudioIQ2 technology and three layers of WindSmart portection. The Plantronics Discovery 975's two built-in microphones work by capturing your voice and cancelling out unwanted background noise at the same time.

While the Plantronics Discovery 975's built-in 20-band equaliser enhances your voice to sound more natural and crisp, the AudioIQ2 takes care of delivering a balanced sound to the incoming caller's voice.

The Plantronics Discovery 975 earpiece offers multi-point technology to pair up with two devices. The QuickPair technology is also included to make pairing a painless process. There's a voice prompt telling you which status the earpiece is in.

The Plantronics Discovery 975's Windsmart Technology has a lot going for it. The groove vents on the mouthpiece are designed to deflect wind from the mic, there's an acoustic fabric layer to provide more protection and the mic has electronic filters to remove the wind noise - all to make the call quality better.

Plantronics' work incorporating all these technologies is commendable - the Plantronics Discovery 975 isn't just another ordinary Bluetooth earpiece.

Plantronics Discovery 975

The Plantronics Discovery 975 offers a convenient recharging case that sports an LCD screen to show the charge status for both the earpiece and charging base. The carrying case/charger is portable enough to hook up with a keychain via the keychain clip provided. The charging case can fully charge the earpiece twice, which is handy. Apart from this, there is also a standard AC adaptor charger in the package.

Plantronics Discovery 975: Design, fitting and usability

The Plantronics Discovery 975 has a minimalist design with just two buttons: one for volume and the other for call or power. The earpiece is sleek and lightweight at 8g. The earpiece is bundled with three sizes (small, medium and large) of gel tips. Its main body consists of a square-shaped plastic body that has a mix of dark grey and faux leather covering its sides.

The long boom mic extends from the Plantronics Discovery 975's main body to the front and the top has a microUSB port for charging,  while the back has a volume button. There is a call or power button at the centre. The buttons' placement are convenient but we'd recommend reading the manual to make use of its full features. There are also light indicators to show what status the earpiece is in.

Plantronics Discovery 975

The Plantronics Discovery 975's earpiece gel tips don't go deep inside the ear canal, so, at first use, the earpice felt like it might fall out easily. But it actually sits securely in the ear even with rigorous movement. We found the medium and small gel tips offered the best fit for our ears.

There are a couple of steps to remember to make use of some features such as mute function, pairing up with the second device, redialling last called number and so on. While the earpiece is powered on, holding down the volume button for two seconds puts the earpiece to mute, double-tapping the call control button redials the last dialled number, and holding down the call button for two seconds activates voice dialling.

Remembering all these steps and the number of times the light indicator flashes for various statuses seem cumbersome at first, but, once you started to use the Plantronics Discovery 975 on a regular basis, it's not difficult to get used to. Further, long-term usage is comfortable with the small gel tips, but we think this can vary from person to person.

Plantronics Discovery 975: Reception and quality

The Plantronics Discovery 975 earpiece fully charged up in 1.5 hours and pairing up with Google Android and iOS devices happened without any glitch. With the earpiece fitted securely, we first checked out the earpiece reception within its claimed range (10 metres). We did not face any drop in connection nor degradation in call quality.

The Plantronics Discovery 975's earpiece delivered very natural-sounding voice with sufficient amount of volume. Voice sounded very clear without any piercing tone and no distortion - the built-in 20-band EQ did a good job of reproducing a natural sound. The sound quality was impressive. We wish the maximum volume were a few decibels higher, though, as the gel tips did not really isolate the noise, and this made hearing the caller's voice a bit difficult in a noisy environment.

The Windsmart technology did help keeping the voice clear and isolating the background music or noise. But in a noisy environment, we had to make sure the microphone stayed close to the mouth; our callers sometimes had a hard time hearing us. But this happened rarely.

The battery lasted up to 4 hours and a half during our usage, which is close to the rated 5 hours, and the charging case can fully charge the earpiece twice, which is a plus.

Plantronics Discovery 975

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The Plantronic Discovery 975 is a feature-packed Bluetooth headset that offered good design and build quality. It comes with a handy charging case and it offers very good performance. Priced at £47, it's a bit expensive, but for its extra battery life and performance, it is a good earpiece to own for daily use.

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