Slim-Fit Case for iPhone full review

Belkin’s £25 Slim-Fit Case for iPhone has quickly been adopted as the iPhone case of choice for several PC Advisor staffers. As a slide-in case, the Slim-Fit doesn’t let you use your iPhone while in the case, but rather offers a protective holster for storing the phone when not in use.

With that caveat in mind, the Slim-Fit is well designed. The rigid front and back panels use attractive leather and stitching, with fabric sides and a soft lining. Overall, the case lives up to its name, as it doesn’t add much bulk to your iPod, despite including a leather-covered belt clip on the back.

One drawback of some pouch/holster cases is that they block the iPhone’s bottom-mounted microphone and speaker, muffling the ringer and preventing you from using the speakerphone while in the case. Belkin avoids this issue by constructing the bottom of the case out of soft leather with a mesh screen that lets sound in and out.

This design also avoids another problem with these types of cases: accidentally pressing the side-mounted volume and Ringer/Mute buttons while trying to remove the iPhone; with the Slim-Fit, you just press up on the bottom of the case to push the iPhone out an inch or so.

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