Flex Active Sport Armband for iPhone full review

Despite the tiny size of the iPod shuffle sports armbands for larger versions of Apple's iPod range have become commonplace in parks and gyms across the world.

Now Belkin has created one for Apple's iPhone: the Flex Active. Its hand-washable cool black neoprene material is lightweight and comfortable, and its Velcro closure feels pretty strong. It doesn't take long to forget it's attached to your arm, and the bulk is, as with the iPhone itself, kept to a minimum.

The volume-controls are marked on the case, and you can push through the clear plastic front to reach the Home button.

We do worry, however, whether one should be advertising an expensive device to all the world while oblivious to outside sounds listening to music or on a call. It hasn't bothered iPod users, and we haven't heard of many jogger muggings but with the iPhone such a desirable device it surely would tempt a speedy thief.

The armband also features a key pocket, so you can leave your house in lycra without any bulges. However, if you did get mugged the thief could then open your address book and go rob your house.

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