Microsoft Arc Wireless Mouse full review

The Microsoft Arc is an ergonomic wireless mouse from Microsoft. The Arc benefits from a unusual design that folds to 60 percent of its original size for travelling.

We found the Microsoft Arc very comfortable to use and in particular we liked the finish which felt soft to the touch. Its ergonomic design and the its symmetrical design meant we could use it with either our left or right hand. We tested the black and silver version, and it's also available in red.

The Microsoft Arc's very easy to set up - just insert the batteries and put the tiny 2.4GHz wireless USB micro-transceiver into a PC's USB port. Microsoft claims the mouse can be used from a distance of up to 30ft and we had no problems using it from the other side of a 12ft room.

The scrollwheel flows freely and the main left/right click buttons just need the gentlest of presses to implement actions. A tiny battery status indicator is located below the Microsoft Arc's scrollwheel and glows red when the batteries are running low.

The Microsoft Arc also allows you to assign different actions to the buttons, after installing Intellipoint software from the Microsoft website. With this you can, for example, flip through open windows in a stack and switch between applications in Windows Vista.

Folded up, the Microsoft Arc fits in the palm of your hand making it ideal for use with laptops or working on the go. The metal hinge feels strong and robust and we thought it highly unlikely to be broken by the heavy-handed. Microsoft also ensured we weren't able to loose the tiny transceiver, by allowing us to store it in the folding portion of the mouse - held in by a magnet.

We love the fact that the Microsoft Arc, which is bundled with a fabric carrying pouch, automatically switches off when it is folded away, ensuring you cannot flatten the batteries, which Microsoft claims will last for at least six months.

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Microsoft Arc Wireless Mouse: Specs

  • USB port
  • 2x AAA batteries included
  • requires: Windows Vista/XP or Mac OSX v10.2-10.5